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About "ComplicatedNess" and its Creators

The First Sketch

In the Summer of 2011 Foster Eber jumped off a 10 meter diving platform at a swim camp in Annapolis, Maryland. for the split moment that he was airborn, the idea of flying materialized into his brain. fixiated with the idea, he simply drew himself as a dragon.


The Character seemed to be more than just himself, and he began to create the plot for "ComplicatedNess" soon after.

The idea soon became and obsession, a story he had to tell to the world. but through which medium? First there were Simple Comic Strips, then Flash Animations, than a Novel, and then finally, it wrapped its way back to Full Page Comics located right here on Smack Jeeves!

The Creators


Foster "Feber" Eber


Foster is the Writer, Artist and Creator of "ComplicatedNess" Foster attends Ball State University and Majors in Art where he also is a Member of the Pride of Mid-America Marching Band. Over the summers, Foster works at Cedar Point as a ride host. Foster has a fear of hydroelectric dams.

Matthew "Matt" Swain


Matt Swain is the Co-Creator of "ComplicatedNess". Matt Plays Trumpet in the Marching Band, and is also an awesome voice actor and physical actor! Matt enjoys show choir and drawing. Matt likes cats.

Jacob "Foxy" Fox


Foxy is the Editor for "ComplicatedNess", he is a genius who has more friends than you. he has the ability to see grammatical errors from 13.4 miles away.
not really, he's pretty dumb.
Foxy plays Tuba, Baritone, Auxiliary Percussion, and also plays Guitar a little. Foxy looks like Matt, Matt looks like Feber, but Feber does not look like Foxy. if A=B and B=C, C does not always equal A.

Hannah "Jo" Heckman


Hannah is a Co-Creator for "ComplicatedNess", and is also the provider of the lake and Pontoon rides. Hannah enjoys lot's of things, From music, painting, making food, soccer and playing saxophone.


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