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Dracology 101

Definition of Dracology

Dracology is defined as the Study of Dragons. Dragons are animals, but are so complex that they are given their very own study. there are six colors of Dragons, Red Orange Yellow Green Blue and Purple. these colors go further into detail later in this book, so let's just focus on the colors for now.

Basics of all Dragons


All Dragons of every color (see "Colors of Dragons and their Meanings") are laid as an egg. color of Dragons are predetermined by the color of the eggs parents. Dragon Mother keep the egg warm by breathing warm, fire heated, breath on the egg. 1 egg is laid at a time. now in modern days, Dragon parents can buy a spot in an incubation Chamber for their eggs in a hospital. this has the same effect as the mother breathing on the egg. eggs will hatch about 1 year after being laid, so incubation is the most practical way of Dragon Birth. Right before the Egg hatches, the shell bursts into flame and burns the color of the baby dragons scales.

Fire Gland

Dragons are neither warm or cold blooded like animals (See "Animalogy"). to be classified as a dragon, a creature must have a Ignis Glandula, a small gland directly next to the heart that is also commonly known as the "Fire Gland". Dragons are technically cold blooded animals, but because the fire gland produces such an intense heat and is directly located next to the heart, it heats up the cold blood of the dragon, and also makes the blood flammable. the "Fire Gland" is charged by direct sunlight to the scales of a Dragon. if a Dragon is either lacking sunlight, in a terrible mood, or is very sick, the color will fade from the scales of the dragon, and the "Fire Gland" will stop heating the blood. this lack of heat will set a Dragon into a Kilter (See "Domesticate/Un-domesticate") or will put the Dragon into a Freeze, where the dragon will hibernate and stay completely white until sunlight is present or the dragon dies. a lack of sunlight may make a dragon irritable or cranky, this can be told by the tint of the dragons scales. the moment sunlight touches the scales the dragon will re-color

Colors of Dragons and their Meanings

- Red Dragon -


Personalities - in the Dragon Ages, Red Dragons were know to be the warriors and protectors of their villages. in the modern era Red Dragons are very good bodyguards and manual labor workers. Red Dragons are very traditional and see themselves as the best Dragon Color of all. Red Dragons have very extreme temper problems and a lack of self control verbally. Red d ragons are known to be the most loyal type of all dragon.

Physicality - Red Dragons are relatively strong dragons and are very good flyers. red dragon fire is described to look like a flamethrower, and smell like a gas fire. Red Dragons are large built and have broad shoulders. Red Dragons wings are very large. Due to a skin condition called sicca dracocutis (common in most Red Dragons), scales fall of very easily, but have a very small combustion rate, being about one in 500. Also because of this Skin Condition, Red Dragons wings will deteriorate at old age, and will give an older dragons skin a more rough and tumble appearance.

- Orange Dragon -


Personalities - in the Dragon Ages, Orange Dragons were the Idealists and Inventors. there are no Orange Dragons in the Modern Era. Orange Dragons were pacifists and enjoyed living in their own Orange Dragon Communities. Orange Dragons have been described as awkward and anti-social, but still have good social skills. Orange Dragons were [INFORMATION CONTROVERSIAL PLEASE ENTER ID NUMBER].

Physicality - Orange Dragons were decently strong and [INFORMATION DOES NOT EXIST]. Orange Dragon fire is described as [INFORMATION DOES NOT EXIST], and was said to smell like a wood burning furnace. Orange Dragons were relatively small, with small wings. Orange [INFORMATION CONTROVERSIAL PLEASE ENTER ID NUMBER]. Orange Dragons were known to be [INFORMATION CONTROVERSIAL PLEASE ENTER ID NUMBER], Orange Dragons have been described as physically fragile, which is one of the biggest factors of why they [INFORMATION CONTROVERSIAL PLEASE ENTER ID NUMBER]

- Yellow Dragon -


Personalities - in the Dragon Ages, Yellow Dragons were know to be the Messengers and Errand Runners of their villages. in the modern era Yellow Dragons are very good Secretary's and flight attendants. Yellow Dragons are very outgoing, and are easily amused. Yellow Dragons often times move faster than their own brains, causing them to make very quick ad rash decisions. Yellow Dragons are known to be the most optimistic of dragon and also known to be the most friendly of all dragons.

Physicality - Yellow Dragons are the weakest dragons but are the most excellent flyers. Yellow Dragon fire is described to look like a ball of fire, and smell like leaves burning. Yellow Dragons are normally the skinniest of dragons, and have the widest wing span. the horns of a Yellow Dragon help balance them in flight, and are can move more than other dragon colors, much like [INFORMATION CONTROVERSIAL PLEASE ENTER ID NUMBER]. These horns also help Yellow Dragons to feel their surroundings and sense the movement of wind. in very rare cases, some yellow dragons report being able to hear the thoughts of others.

- Green Dragon -

Green Dragon

Personalities - in the Dragon Ages, Green Dragons were know to be the Builders, farmers and Bankers of their villages. in the modern era Green Dragons are very good at almost any talent, and are known to be the jack of all trades. Green Dragons are very cautious and introverted. Green Dragons are very quiet Dragons, but may be the wisest dragon type of all, however, much like Yellow dragons, Green Dragons can be persuaded easily. Green Dragons are known to be very good friends, but have no desire to reach out and meet new animals.

Physicality - Green Dragons are the strongest dragons but are not the best flyers. the fire of a Green Dragon is known to look like a fire hose that literally shoots fire, and smells like a gas grill. Green Dragons are largest built dragons, but have a relatively short wingspan compared to their bodies. green dragons are the tallest of dragons and can easily reach up to 6'6". the horns of a Green Dragon are hard and very sharp, these horns are known to brake off. The Horn on the nose of the dragon and the horns on their heads become larger with age, but if broken will not grow back.

- Blue Dragon -

Blue Dragon

Personalities - in the Dragon Ages, Blue Dragons were know to be the swimmers, fishers and gatherers of their villages. in the modern era Blue Dragons are very good at swimming still, and are known to be very very good psychologists. Blue Dragons are very relaxed and level headed. Blue Dragons are firm in their beliefs and are not easily persuaded, but are still able to understand the other sides point of view. Blue Dragons are known highly relaxed and can talk in any group of animals, but have a close group of friends that they enjoy being around. In Animal Folktales, Blue Dragons once lived under the sea, and could not go above land. if a blue dragon were to go on land they would burn from the sun. (See Physicality)

Physicality - Blue Dragons are the decently strong and have no ability to fly whatsoever because of their complete lack of wings. Blue Dragon's also lack real fire, and produce a large spark instead, this spark however can be used to light things on fire, much like flint and steel. Blue Dragons are built much like Yellow Dragons, skinny and tall. This body type helps the Blue Dragons swim. Blue Dragons are the second tallest Dragon under Green Dragons, but before Red Dragons. Blue Dragons have been considered by Dracologists to not be a Dragon at all, but instead a relative to the UnDomesticate Great White Shark (Despite not being able to breath fire, blue dragons still have a Fire Gland.) Blue Dragons have gills and can breath under water, but can also breath with their lungs on air. much like wings, if a Blue Dragon does not use their gills as a child, they will lose all control of them in their adult hood.

- Purple Dragon -

 photo PurpleDragon_zpse2d0eadc.jpg

~Purple Dragons~ Personalities - in the Dragon Ages, Purple Dragons were know to be the Politicians, public authorities, and peace-keepers. in the modern era Purple Dragons are [INFORMATION DOES NOT EXIST]. Purple Dragons are stern, and often too serious. Purple Dragons are set in their ways, but would rather see peace in a group than have their own way. Purple Dragons are known to be somewhat anti-social, much like Orange Dragons, and enjoy their small group of friends. Purple Dragons are almost [INFORMATION CONTROVERSIAL PLEASE ENTER ID NUMBER]

Physicality - Purple Dragons are the Weak, and have poor flying abilities. Purple Dragon's Fire is warm and dry, much like a dry burning shrub. Blue Dragons are built much like Orange Dragons, medium sized and short. Purple dragons are the shortest dragon, (Tied with Orange). Purple Dragons are known to be very difficult to read, and like to keep to themselves, but are very good at public speaking and leading hen prepared, many Purple dragons have been public figures, but not since [INFORMATION CONTROVERSIAL PLEASE ENTER ID NUMBER]lose all control of them in their adult hood.
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